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A Beautiful Summer Day

Today is July 29th, I'm watching the antics of the 4 month old Boer goat kids, an occasional duck fly-by and a nice breeze blowing outside.  The temperature is approaching 90 and it's still cool in the house.  Quite unusual for this time of year.  I'm sure summer isn't done with us, the forecast is triple digits in the next week, so I'm gonna enjoy this weather now.

My husband, sister, daughter and I moved here in August 2003 with about 10 goats.  But I had a dream, even though I had a full-time job, I wanted a working, sustainable farm.  I wanted to raise our own meat and as much produce as I could.  I've achieved part of my dream - we are off the meat grid - our farm raised beef, pork, chicken and turkey are in the freezers.  This year, we'll add goat meat to that list.  

The garden is a work in progress, this year is much better because I finally got smart and have fenced the chickens out.  Chickens and gardens do not go hand in hand.  :)

The population at KaPa De' Le' Farm has grown, too.  We have 35+ goats - Alpine, Nigerian Dwarf, Boer and the lone La Mancha and her Al-Mancha kid. I have a Berkshire Hog (Jude) and have my fingers crossed that my first litter arrives as planned at the end of August.  I have a young Hampshire gilt, Stripes, that I hope to breed next spring. Then, of course, there are the butcher hogs:  the "boys" will be leaving us on Wednesday and Copperopolis should be ready by October.  This has been a good year for pork - I am sold out.

We have two new additions this month, Rustle, a 2 week old Jersey cross bull calf and Lucky a 3 month old Angus - Short Horn cross.  I'm looking to add one or two more bottle calves to the mix in the next month.

I've gotten a little out of control with poultry -- they (for the most part) are so little and easy to care for.  :)  There are many breeds of chickens, Muscovy Ducks and Midget White and White Holland Turkeys.  Oh and don't forget the guineas!  I've finally got the Guinea flock down to six and they are free range, making it much quieter around here.

Well, it's time to wrap up my first blog.  I hope you enjoyed learning a little about KaPa De' Le' Farm.  Stay tuned for more......

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