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Population Explosion


These Muscovy ducklings are enjoying some watermelon rind.  Anything to keep them out of my garden.  They've found some little holes and they are sneaking in and have pretty much destroyed by bell peppers, they eat the zucchini flowers and they even nibble on the jalapenos!  So far, they haven't had much interest in the tomatoes.  :)


The Cornish Cross below are amazing little creatures.  They grow from hatch to freezer in just 8 weeks.  These little ones are learning all about foraging while they are still in the brooder trailer.  Hopefully today, they will get out in their portable pen so they can scratch around, eat bugs and basically enjoy their life as chickens.  :)


Our Guineas have also hatched a clutch of keets - 22 we think.  The little critters are so tiny and FAST - they are hard to count.  Everything I've read on Guineas says they are notoriously bad parents, so far, ours have done an excellent job keeping their babies alive.  All 5 adults keep watch over the little ones, they seem to believe that it "takes a village" to raise a keet.  :)



The Summer Heat Has Returned

Well, Summer has returned with a vengence!  It was hot today and is supposed to be hotter than HE double hockey sticks for the next 3 days.  Our forecast is 107 and I may melt.  No matter what the weather is; the critters need to be cared for and I've added a Jersey Cross calf and two itty bitty pigs into the mix.  I was going to try to buy two calves, but now that I'm bottle feeding two, I'm sure glad I only got one.  :)

My Local Harvest page is really picking up and the word is getting out about what food can be obtained locally.

If you are in California, and you are looking at the Local Harvest Website, you probably already know about Proposition 37 - the California Right to Know - Label GMOs.  It is amazing to me that in this day and age, that the US (and California) require such strict labeling on all products, but the balk at the idea of Labeling GMOs.  50 countries, including 3rd world countries require GMOs to be labeled, but our legal system is so polluted by big business influence
that I don't know what to think of our elected officials.  Please check out the Callifornia Right to Know website at http://www.carighttoknow.org/ 

That's all for now.

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