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Population Explosion


These Muscovy ducklings are enjoying some watermelon rind.  Anything to keep them out of my garden.  They've found some little holes and they are sneaking in and have pretty much destroyed by bell peppers, they eat the zucchini flowers and they even nibble on the jalapenos!  So far, they haven't had much interest in the tomatoes.  :)


The Cornish Cross below are amazing little creatures.  They grow from hatch to freezer in just 8 weeks.  These little ones are learning all about foraging while they are still in the brooder trailer.  Hopefully today, they will get out in their portable pen so they can scratch around, eat bugs and basically enjoy their life as chickens.  :)


Our Guineas have also hatched a clutch of keets - 22 we think.  The little critters are so tiny and FAST - they are hard to count.  Everything I've read on Guineas says they are notoriously bad parents, so far, ours have done an excellent job keeping their babies alive.  All 5 adults keep watch over the little ones, they seem to believe that it "takes a village" to raise a keet.  :)


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