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Baby, it's (almost) cold outside!

Frosted Leaves

It’s fall. Big time. Temperatures are dropping along with brown and orange leaves. The tomato plants are bending beneath the weight of green fruit hoping for enough time. (I’ll be picking them before we get frost.) The zucchini, cucumbers and beans are all distant memories. And all I can think about is sowing seeds.

Yes, that’s right, sowing seeds. Today I planted seeds in the main garden and before the weekend is over, I’ll have planted many more. Why? Because I’m experimenting with four-season growing! Specifically, I’m working on crops that will overwinter for a spring harvest and crops that we’ll be able to harvest in the midst of snow.


Back in February when I mentioned to some fellow gardeners that I was planting garlic in containers many of them said “You know, you’re supposed to plant garlic in the fall!” I did know that. What I didn’t know last fall was that I was going to be starting a market garden this summer, so I didn’t plan ahead. Since then I’ve discovered that several types of veggies overwinter well, meaning that you can plant them in the fall, leave them in the ground over the winter and harvest them in the spring. I will definitely be bringing you more in-depth info on overwintering in the next few weeks.

Row Covers in Snow

Our winter garden might look like this! Click on this picture to learn more about the Ann Arbor, Michigan garden featured in the blog Last One Eating.

I’ll be overwintering the following crops:

To see more pictures and read the rest of this article, click here.


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