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Cooking Gadgets

Wish List Wednesday | Cooking Gadgets

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for! Being a lover of food, I’m looking forward to all the feasting that takes place this time of year. In honor of all the cooking that will be taking place all across America tomorrow, this week’s Wish List Wednesday includes cooking gadgets I would be thankful to own.

Herb Grinder

“Made from recycled steel… the herb grinder with your choice of fresh or dried herbs and grind away to make custom rubs and pastes for your cooking, too. Inquire at SHOP@DANNYSEO.COM to order or find them nationally in stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods.”

Source: via Arcadia on Pinterest



“Imagine part spatula and part smasher with a million different uses in the kitchen. Our Danny Seo smashula is made from 100% recycled steel and features an integrated bamboo handle. Use it to flip eggs, smash potatoes or stir fry vegetables and smash roasted garlic into the sauce. Inquire at SHOP@DANNYSEO.COM to order or find them nationally in stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods.”

Source: via Arcadia on Pinterest


Natural Wool Basting Brush

“The bristles of the brush are made of 100% wool, which ensures even painting of egg washes on pastries and marinades when grilling. Once you have experienced the performance of a wool brush, you will never want to go back to brushes made of cheaper synthetic materials. Wool is completely natural and environmentally friendly. The length of the brush at the widest end measures 3 inches.  This is about 50% wider than a traditional pastry brush, helping you work quickly and efficiently.


Fuir Knife Sharpener

“Featuring 8 diamond-coated Ozitech fingers, this knife sharpener provides fast, easy, and professional results; Eliminates error and guesswork of traditional sharpeners; sets edge bevels and professionally hones at the same time; Compact and perfect for on-the-go chefs, home cooks, and outdoor enthusiasts; Outer shell unfolds in seconds to provide a strong handle and safety guards.”

Source: via Arcadia on Pinterest


Piteba Nut and Seed Oil Expeller Oil Press

“The Piteba Oil Expeller is made in Holland. It is a low cost way to make your own high quality raw nut and seed oil at home. If you have a nut tree in your yard you can make your own oil for free. There are many videos showing its use on the internet, just search for Piteba.”

Source: via Arcadia on Pinterest


Gravy Boats

Who could pick just one?


Made from sandcast recycled aluminum





Keep your gravy warm with candle… how cutely sustainable!


Metal Colander Duo

“From delicate organic berries to hearty homegrown greens, our Danny Seo colander duo will help you drain your fresh produce with ease. Made from 100% recycled steel with bamboo accents, the collection features handheld strainers in a variety of sizes and our colander is the perfect size to use everyday. They are pretty enough to hang them in the kitchen or keep m out on the countertop. Inquire at SHOP@DANNYSEO.COM to order or find them nationally in stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods.”

Source: via Arcadia on Pinterest


The Bread Pal (Loaf Slicing Guide)

“The Bread Pal… bread slicing system is 100 % made in the U.S. and we feel it is the best in the industry. If you’ve ever tried to slice a loaf of fresh home-made bread then you know how hard it is to get even slices. You end up with a few thin slices and some that are too thick to eat…The Bread Pal [is] the easiest way to cut home-made or uncut store bought loaves into even slices. No uneven slices, no squished loaves, and no hassles.”

Source: via Arcadia on Pinterest



“OXO GOOD GRIPS BOX GRATER *Slim construction easily fits into drawers *Coarse, fine and super-fine grating surfaces and slicing surface *Storage container for catching, measuring and storing freshly grated ingredients”



I loved both of these… although I’d probably try to make the ivory felt trivet myself instead of importing one from Nepal!

Ivory Felt


Wine Cork

“Recycled wine corks are arranged in a herringbone pattern and attached to a cork base. They measure 6” square. The set comes tied with a twill ribbon which makes them perfect for gift giving!”

Source: via Arcadia on Pinterest

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