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The Plastic is On!

Sunscreen… sunglasses… t-shirts… you’d think I was describing the middle of the summer, right? Usually that would be the case but accompanying our crazy winter weather was a “scorcher” in the middle of March. It was on this bazaar 75 degree day that we succeeded in getting the greenhouse plastic up. Starting at 8am and working until 11am, the process of hoisting and securing the plastic required infinitely less effort than our first attempt - which I made mention of in the last entry. Where we were fighting to keep the plastic and ourselves on the ground that first time but yesterday the plastic sailed smoothly over the bows seemingly of its own accord. It is now time to start seeding. This week some flowers, parsley, scallions, and onions are going to be put into cell trays. The alliums take so long to grow that they have to be started this early.

Of Greenhouses and Chickens

The weather seems to be warming up and a symphony of bird songs can be heard issuing from the treetops, which makes me excited for spring; and spring planting! This coming Friday I am planning to put the plastic over the greenhouse and soon thereafter the shutters and heater will be installed. Just in time for the beginning of seeding everything is falling into place.

In other exciting news, I have ordered 50 Barred Plymouth Rock chicks from Mt. Healthy Hatcheries. They will be arriving at the end of the month and, now that I think of it, just in time for Easter! Through the wonderfully helpful advice of Paul Clever & crew of Good Earth Farm in Athens, I feel more confident about raising the little creatures. I will be putting up pictures for folks to look at when they arrive.


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