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Procter Farm

Outdoor Planting

There's lots happening on the farm now that spring has set in. We've planted over 100 fruit trees (apple and cherry), preped ground for a new high tunnel, put some of the first crops in the ground, and continue to seed in the greenhouse! The baby chicks are about one month old now and flying up on every available perch place. Additionally, one of our volunteers, Pete, had been devoting his time to building some much-needed tables for the greenhouse. You can see them in the photos below.


Spinach in the background and our first planting of nightshades (eggplant, pepper, tomato) up front.

sunflower seedlings

Sunflowers! - can't wait 'til they bloom!


More sunflowers - they have grown so quickly due to the warm temps


Our onion, leek, and first scallion planting hardening off (becoming acclimated to the outdoors) before being planted out in the field.


First lettuce planting, also hardening off

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