Seasons at Procter Farm

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Procter Farm
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Potato Expressions

Rumbling along on the tractor, ear plugs in my ears and the sun shining in my face, everything seems perfect. The tiller is humming powerfully behind me, creating very fine straight, flat bed tops. I finish the bed and stop the tractor so that I can observe the work of a machine behind me. The bed is perfect. Lightly, gleefully, I hop down from the seat and grab my measuring tape and bag of potatoes. Though slightly disappointed that there is only one bed to plant I begin wheeling out the tape and plopping potatoes at intervals along the center of the bed. Now that the tractor is off and my ear plugs are removed I can hear the birds as they buisily

In life it is easy to become bogged down with tasks, responsibilities, and details. They are like a physical weight. We forget to look up, stand up, see what is around us. But then there comes those moments, rare though they can be, when we suddenly find ourselves slowly standing up straight, looking up at the sky and the earth, our daily cares and worries temporarily sliding off our shoulders and onto the ground with a resounding, though oddly faint thump. We begin to breathe easier, to see goodness and light in all that surrounds us, and to remember what and why it is we  are here.

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