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The chicks have arrived!

The air was still cool and the ground shrouded in early morning dew when a piercing ring broke through the air, alerting me that 50 Barred Plymouth Rock chicks had arrived at the London Post Office. I had no idea that people were even at the post office so early! Though I had already set up the brooding area in anticipation of the chicks’ arrival, the food and water had yet to be set out and the lights turned on to adequately warm the area. I raced over to the corn crib to set these items up and then off to London to get the little creatures, fearful the whole time that they were going to just drop dead. Chicks are sure resilient animals though. After having been shipped in a little box without food or water the day after they were hatched they are currently scuttling around in their seriously warm brooding area, happily chirping and exploring.

Though it is hard to tell now, these fluffy little chicks are all pullets (female) and of the Barred Rock breed, which are known for their cold tolerance. I had considered getting Buff Orpington chicks but was warned that they were prone to broodiness (wanting to hatch the eggs they lay).

In addition to the excitement of the chicks arriving I have also witnessed the emergence of Procter Farm’s 1st seedling from the soil. This seedling is from the sunflowers that were started last Friday. The onion and scallion sprouts are following quickly.

Last but not least, Jim Gambill, the farmer who leases much of Procter’s farm land, has generously given his time and energy to preparing the fields where the farm will be this year. Just yesterday I saw his tractor toting the most intense disk I have ever seen. I am so grateful that he is willing to help me with these aspects of the farm, from laying fertilizer to this final step of disking the plow furrows. Without his help preparing for the coming growing season would have been much more difficult. Thanks Jim!

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