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September 26, 2012

brussels sprouts in greenhouse

With the cool weather of fall arriving on the winds that sweep across SR 38 it comes time for moving the growing plants indoors.

Because the greenhouse size is one that will grow with the farm there is space in the back half of it to plant some hardier crops. These crops will grow slowly until about January, when the daylight hours are at their shortest, then resume growth in February. Most of the winter growing season will allow the plants to maintian more of a "holding pattern" than anything else; getting the majority of thier growing out of the way before temperatures drop and sunlight diminishes. Then as long as the temperature in the greenhosue doesn't fluctuate too much the plants should stay fresh, healthy, and crisp until they are needed.

Some of the crops that will be grown this winter are spinach, braising mix, lettuce, beets, brassicas such as kale and brussels sprouts (shown here), and even early tomatoes!

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