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Early Layer and Alien Tomatoes



Over the last week one hen has begun to lay eggs!

Her first one was more like a sack than an egg, because the yolk and white were contained but not in a hard shell. After that though she has been consistently laying 1 egg each day, not early in the morning like I would have expected, but rather in the late morning. If you notice in the picture below, the eggs get progressively bigger. The hen's first "real" egg was so small but I am confident that they will end up at the propper size once she gets the hang of it. Hopefully the rest of the hens will follow suite soon!


What are those strangely-shaped tomatoes you are seeing at the farm stand and farmer's market? They are an heirloom variety called brandywine and, believe it or not, they are suppose to look like alien fruit! Their ridged exterior is no indication of thier inner flavor though. Johnny's Seed Catalog, where I bought the seeds for this tomato from, describe it as "very rich, loud, and distinctively spicy"!

tomatoesHeirlooms are often sought out for thier rich and robust flavors and the ability farmers have to save the seeds from year to year. Heirlooms, or indeterminant plants, will continue to grow, flower, and produce fruit until the cold kills them off.

So, the next time you are shoping for tomatoes, remember to look past the odd exterior of the heirloom and see if the flavor more than makes up for any difficulties in slicing rings for your sandwich!

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