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Storage Onion Harvest

yellow storage

Storage onions are a full-season crop, meaning they take the majority of the growing season to mature. The onions in the picture above started as 1mm long seeds back in March, when they were started in the greenhouse. It always amazes me that they grow to such mamoth size!

When 20% of the onions' green stalks have flopped over and skins begin to form on the bulbs they are ready to be harvested and dried.

drying onion

Onions need a well ventilated drying space that is out of the direct sunlight. The greenhouse with a shade cloth is the perfect place for these guys!



More and more of the chickens are laying eggs; I believe we are up to 6 hens laying currently! Also, they are rather enjoying the shade of the tree in their new location behind Cabin 6. Come visit them next time you are at Procter!

asina egg.


The eggplant are flourishing in the field! The other day I made baba ganoush with some of them and it tastes amazing! There is just something wonderful about these glossy veggies that makes them as fun to harvest as they are to eat. Just watch out for the small (but sharp!) thorns on the crown.


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