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Spring Sprouts


2013 sproutSpring has definitely sprung here at the farm, (even if the Ohio weather doesn't agree!) In our greenhouse early spring sprouts have already begun to emerge from the cell trays. There are currently alliums (such as onions) and brassicas (such as cabbage) showing their cotolodyeons.


Also, last Thursday 50 little chicks arrived! Believe it or not, they arrived at the local post office from the hatchery via overnight shipping. The post office then just calls the number written on their box in order to notify the purchaser that their chicks have arrived. This is the second year that we have received chicks this way and it is still so funny/amazing to me! The chicks are all golden comet pulletts, from Mt. Healthy Hatcheries near Cincinnati, OH. This breed is known for its cold tolerance and is said to be good for farms where chickens are pasture-raised. Currently they are cheeping contentedly and growing rapidly under heat lamps in the shop. Come check them out next time you visit!

Additionally, the farm is blessed to have 2 wonderful new volunteers contributing to the farm this year. Molly Rosati and Sharon Mavis have generously agreed to share one of their weekday mornings helping with various tasks around the farm. Look for their volunteer profiles on the volunteer page of the Procter Center website! 

baby chicks

baby chicks

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