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The storm and wind took the roof off the hoop house last week.  Bummed at first but at least it wasn't winter when it happened.  We harvested the first of the grape yellow tomatoes.  They are the sweetest tasting tomatoes I have ever tasted.  I forget year to year how good they are fresh from the garden.  I think the field tomatoes will be late this year as they are just starting to set fruit the cold weather slowed them down a lot we should have green tomatoes from them soon though. The cooler weather did help the zucchini hold on for longer this year and we are still harvesting nice squash.  We also finished our new abode for our american guniea hogs and pasture pigs.  We started raising them this spring and will have piglets this fall.I got them after researching about heritage hogs and pork in general.  There are some real differences in the heritage meats and the benefit we derive from a pasture raised meat. Apparently pork is not supposed to be the other white meat.  With all the arguments over gmo seeds We were able to find a local outlet for gmo free grain for both our fowl and pork.  And I really think it does make a difference in the flavor of the meat.  We are also going to have some really nice delaware pullets that will start to lay late this fall.  Hope everyone is having a very productive summer because it looks like fall is just around the corner. 
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