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Longing for Spring!
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Longing for Spring!

What a beauty of a day. The last one of February break. Yesterday we awoke to a dusting of snow, it was just enough to slide down the hill acrossed the road. With such a funny winter, there should be no complaining about the season dragging on, but some how it still seems to linger.

Our seeds arrived the other day, and I always get excited about the garden plan. We are going so much bigger this year, I picture in my head the many rows and how pretty they will look with new sprouts emerging from the soil.

Does any one else crave salad this time of year? MMMM spinach, fresh mesclun mix and baby radishes. I just can't wait to get rolling and get the dirt under my fingernails again. Happy, sunshiny, February day, day dreaming of warm days to come, tanktops, cut-offs, flipflops and that glow that we all know to be gardening in VT.

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