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TV crew visits the farm

TV Crew Visits The Farm

Yesterday afternoon, a TV crew from Chicago came to the farm to do a story on our Community Support Agriculture meat shares.

They filmed at our farm and our neighbor, Mike Warren’s, farm. Mike raises fantastic black Angus beef which often goes into our CSA shares.  They interviewed Beth & Jody Osmund about Cedar Valley Sustainable Farm’s CSA.  Mike got to speak about his cattle operation and the quality of his beef.  It was fun to see/hear the pride of a farmer who’s been improving his herd for nearly 30 years. It, also, feels good to know that our CSA pays him a premium for his high quality beef. 

Jody talked about what sustainability means and the powerful connection between farmers and CSA members. Beth explained how gratifying it is to know that our meat is the only meat that some of our members children have eaten. The “on air” personality picked some eggs for the camera, too.

The real stars, however, will likely be the kids and the animals. Our three boys, Richard, Duncan, and Jack got to ham it up for the camera.  Most of the tape, though, was devoted to baby calves, momma cows, fat steers, sows, piglets and chickens. The crew like the pigs so much, they took personal pictures with them after the “official” taping was done.

On Saturday, the crew will be at Marion Street Cheese Shop in Oak Park, IL to interview some of our members at a delivery. Altogether, they’ll have spent nearly six hours of time to get footage and audio for a segment that will only be 3-5 minutes long. Hopefully, all that time will pay off in a good farm and local food story that will carry the message of Community Supported Agriculture.

The show will air April 19th at 10:35 pm on ABC Chicago channel 7.

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