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Of pigs and piglets

Sometimes your timing is just a little off.

One of our Red Wattle sows, Janis Joplin, decided to go early and had her pigs out in the field, not in the carefully prepared cozy stall in the barn with all of the nice clean straw.

On Monday, she delivered eight healthy, active piglets in a nest built of grass and weeds. The little family was doing great, but the weather man was calling for lots of rain. So rather than try to move them so soon we built a tent over their nest using pig panels, a tarp and lots of wire to hold the whole thing together.

It's been raining for two days now and they are all warm and cozy out there in their blue tarp tent.

As long as they are doing fine in the field I guess we will just let thing be as they are.

Funny sometimes animals have a whole different opinion about how things are going to work. The farmer just has to improvise and go with the flow.

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