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Rin Tin Tin, the Book Review

WE had a German Shepherd but she died.  Still having grown up with them I enjoyed this book review very much.  I really liked the 2nd paragraph that says "there is something uniquely noble...about the look of the German shepherd dog".  Yes I have found that to be true.  They are loyal creatures...and to some degree we have seen that with our chickens. 

The roosters are like guard dogs, telling us about intruders (namely the construction workers and the mailman), warning us of predators (a raccoon) and not really wandering all over the place -- though one did once, apparently having gotten lost, but his Speckled Brothers called him home.  So I would have to say, the chook is a poor man's watchdog.


The Rin Tin TIn book Review

from the Economist


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