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Snowy and cold - 2-25-14

I was looking at the record from a year ago and saw how little the weather has changed, except that this year has been a lot snowier.  I don't know how much has fallen here, because it is a small town and there are no "real weather records", but it is something that I've been thinking more and more about.

When I was young I was very impressed by Pres. Thos. Jefferson's complete records for his farm outside of Charlottesville, VA.  Growing up in Brooklyn, New York there was little need for me to record keep anything as it was a big city and there were tons of "official records" out there.  Here though, in the sticks, there are few.  The closest records are 30 miles away in the city of Scranton and the weather from there to here is vastly different.

A simple case in point:  in the summer it hit 105 there.  We were at 98 and that was an incredible heat wave for us out in Susquehanna County.  For Scranton, I don't think that they made a record that day; we did.  

Winters between the two areas also vary.  There are big storms that come along I-80 and hit Scranton.  We like last night, got a dusting.  Other storms dumped lots of snow our way; again Scranton got zilch.  So comparing us to them is truly a comparison of apples to oranges; with them being the sunnier and milder orange.

Today we got some snow flurries, not much though, just a dusting.  We did though get lots of wind.  Gusts up to 35 mph were not uncommon and so of course there was another day that the poor chooks could not go out in the yard and play but were "cooped" in.

Hopefully with March this will change. 

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