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The French Say No to GMOs

A polling agency survey last year concluded that nearly 80 percent of the French are afraid of eating genetically-modified food which makes me wonder why in this country the anti-GMO crowd is in the minority.  I really don’t understand it other than Agribusiness has both parties locked under their thumb.

One anti-genetically-modified-food poster in France shows a man with his eyes shut tight, his mouth pursed, a gun pressed to his temple. It is made of an ear of GMO corn.

A French anti-genetically-modified-food poster.

This isn’t new in France.  They have  been locked in a battle with the European Union since 2008, when  the EU  food safety authority ruled that there was no “specific” scientific evidence that genetically modified crops were unsafe.

The French were up in arms and many  French environmental activists routinely destroy genetically modified foods imported and used for animal feed.  An example is last November,, 100 protesters climbed a grain silo and poured the highly toxic RICIN oil over the GMO soy feed.

Ricin is from the castor oil plant and  is a highly toxic, naturally occurring protein. A dose as small as a few grains of salt can kill an adult human.  Oral exposure to ricin is far less toxic and a lethal dose can be up to 20–30 milligrams per kilogram.

  I think that's rather extreme and don't support the destruction of private property though it should be noted that there are some US-based bioterrorists like the Osho group in Oregon as well. 

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