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Rainy and gray

Yesterday was bright and sunny.  A glorious day and I was able to get a lot of cleanup in the yard done.  As I lifted some of the broken wood up, I could see the frost and ice underneath.  While obviously Spring thaw is happening, it will be another 3 weeks before you can actually dig and plant the seeds that I am starting in the basement.

The growing season is unfortunately very short so I am looking for making some type of greenhouse outside -- lots of problems there though.  First there is the obvious problem of the chickens, that's always a problem.  Next after them is the wildlife -- last summer we had a large brutish raccoon patrolling the area, fat on garbage, but there are always rabbits and bear lurking about.  Some say that there are also deer though I cannot say I have seen any but all of these critters pose trouble for vegetables.

While getting the wood for the "greenhouse" is not a problem, get the manpower is, so I am looking for something easier to setup instead.  

Today it is a gray and rainy.  A drab brownish day though at 35F, still fairly warm considering the horrendous subzero days we had this past winter.  But with the ground so wet and muddy, not a day very conducive to doing much out there, so I think I will take my seeds and starts some more in the basement.

Sorry I cannot put up any pictures, LH seems to be snarky today.  I guess the weather has gotten it too./sep 



Today was actually rather warm; we broke freezing and despite the snow on the ground and the chill in the air, there was a rather balmy feel to the place.  Of course once the sun set, all of that changed and snow began to trickle down again, but during the day, while the sun shone, it was a bright and cheerful.

Yesterday OTOH was a horror.  It was cold, extremely windy and while the sun was bright and shone, one step out of the house led to a quick retreat homeward.  The only one that I could see actually enjoying the weather was our winter lover, Gusto, the family Borzoi.  He stood on the hill, sniffed the wind and looked eagerly about for passerbys.  None of course were to be found and he seemed somewhat found.

When it is windy, like yesterday, even the cockerels won't really walk about.  They hover towards to the hen house and look leeward for respite.  The hens though seem not to care and yell and squeal for release-- let me out of here.  The boys seem to think, or want to believe, the girls are crying for them...ah love is in the air.

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