Agropraxis Farm

  (Scotts, Michigan)
A Ultra-Low Carbon input farm using Eco-Bio methods.
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"Honor bespeaks worth. Confidence begets trust. Service brings satisfaction. Cooperation proves the quality of leadership."
James Cash Penney

With the season at mid-point thoughts race ahead to what next and what worked well so far. What becomes clear is energy invested in cooperative efforts rewards better than things done alone. My first efforts at farming were done at a local B & B. With land to tend the B & B welcomed me as a farmer and we worked hard at developing a mutually beneficial relationship. The B & B provided a well, barn, and excellent land for nominal fees. I supplied table produce, improved the land and we both developed stronger community ties.. Tiller's International has been another example of the building and compounding that cooperation fosters.  With land, experience and farming assets they offer  a unique opportunity to individuals like me that are happy to build and labor for future opportunities. Looking ahead I feel optimistic and energized. It seems we gain so much from these cooperative arrangements.

For some time the prospects of developing a roadside Farm Stand adjacent to the fields was in the back of our minds. Tiller's had included a Farm Stand in their development plans. As the season has unfolded the wisdom of such a plan became apparent. The amount of traffic on 34th Street and the simplicity of sales is clear. The season has presented a bounty of produce that makes more outlets a distinct need. I expressed an interest recently in establishing such a Farm Stand and received a positive  encouragement. This past Wednesday the Farm Stand was cobbled together on 34th Street at the Clapp Homestead north of OP Avenue. A pop-up canopy, table and simple signs draw attention to a selection of outstanding produce. I was pleased with the first days efforts. From now till Labor Day the Farm Stand will offer fresh harvested produce from our fields. Hours will be limited: Monday and Wed., 12 - 5pm. Friday  10 - 1pm. Great food, fair prices, nothing toxic added. (Yep, the way nature intended for us to eat our food-organic!)

In the spirit of working together, we offer more than what we could by ourselves...

Farmer Pete 


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