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Recently the family was eating. Our family now includes a German Exchange student. She was commenting about the director of the fall drama that she is a cast member of, "He is such a Man!" I casually asked what she meant by that...and we learned that in her understanding of the sexes, men are unorganized and lack attention to details. Hmmmm, Artie Johnson always responded on Laugh-In, "Interesting".

The irony didn't escape me.  She had earlier commented about how delicious all the food was. The food was typical of early fall suppers. It was composed of things from our efforts on the farm. Things that took months from planning, planting, tending, tilling to harvesting. Then the prep and cooking of dinner. Several wonderfully delicious dishes. The plate was cleaned and seconds added...mmmmmgood! Hey, weren't these all done by a....MAN? How could it be? Unorganized and lacking attention to details? I see we have some work to do with people making generalizations. Good for an inner chuckle!!!

On the farm I revel as the seasons change. BIrds are flocking, colors beginning to change, and the cool weather ends the bounty of hot weather crops. The birds wear their their fall plumage. A second look is often needed to tell which type of bird is feasting on late season bugs in the garden. The sparrows have been joined by finches and bluebirds. All are welcome. The recently sown cover crops have pushed out of the ground and look like a green haze over the field, or a green shadow.  A brief void is now filled, just as nature would do. Debris is removed from other beds and compost added in the ever revolving cycle of plant-reap-renew! Soon the season will swing to the quiet of the cold season. Time to prepare for what follows.

Farmer Pete 


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