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Late Fall Harvest

On Friday I left school and headed to the farm for a late fall harvest.  For the last several years I’ve kept busy during the slower season by working as a Substitute Teacher. Being a Sub isn’t quite the same as being a full-time teacher. It’s a fill-in role that has fewer responsibilities than teachers have. Being with the young people that are part of our communities and around teachers has been a great experience. It has built a sense of hope that an honored form of continuity is being instilled for the future. 

Harvest was better than I would normally do this time of year. There was plenty of Kale and Brussels Sprouts and a few root vegetables, but also nice Broccoli, Collards, Cilantro, Purple Pac Choi, Cabbages, and Leeks. I arrived in the field with almost an hour and a half of daylight and left with the sun having set and a beautiful sunset waning to twilight. The day had been mild, in the upper 40’s with light winds, so I worked in comfort.  

A Harvest this close to the Winter Solstice has never been so nice. Certainly the mild fall has contributed with no lows below 20 degrees and no extended cold spells. Precipitation has been sparse but enough for healthy plants. It seems almost like a bonus to have a harvest like this shortly before the holidays. I only slipped on gloves in the last half hour because it was warm enough to do without till then. 

After a good day in school and a nice harvest I heard the news of the day. DEVASTATING! I have few words….  As a parent…as a Sub in my local schools…

Later that evening my daughter asked when would our pizza be out of the oven? She was hungry, really hungry!  All I could say was that I was sorry that dinner was late, I was upset about all the kids being killed…

Farmer Pete. 

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