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CSA Fair, Kalamazoo

Kudos to colleague Gina Wirtz. Gina took the lead to promote local farms at the showing of a documentary at Alamo Draft House that was sponsored by the local Food Bank, Loaves and Fishes. I joined the CSA Fair to promote our Harmony Acres CSA. It was a nice collaborative effort as farmers shared tables and conversation while the documentary was showing. The farmers were trying to get through this lingering winter and maybe pick-up a new shareholder. It really felt like being at Market except nobody really had any produce to sell. We all passed out a lot of information and spoke with a wide range of interested people. What a great start to an annual effort to promote local CSA’s.


The conversation was about the prospects of spring making an appearance. We’ve had a few brief glimpses but nothing resembling typical spring weather. We had snow the other morning; wet, and cold that nearly deflated all hopes of green grass and spring blossoms appearing anytime soon. We also talked about the damage winter weather may have done on our farms (more than I thought) and how the growing transplants are filling all spaces available since they can’t go outside or be hardened off yet.


Gossip was exchanged and relished (No I don’t make a habit of spreading it more than a teensy bit). Hopes for the season were typically high with the winter used to plan for success and adjust mental attitudes. Some of the farmers brought younger members of the farm families and they were ohhed and aahhhed over. Some of us talked about uncertain plans that may have hatched in ideal minds. What a great sounding board for these ideas… A few may survive and become reality. A comment that a nice day of work on the farm would help with mental attitudes, restlessness and random thoughts that steal sleep at 2 am. I had to agree!!!


What I found really cool about this event is that it brought the food consumers together with the food producers and allowed us an enjoyable way to pass a late winter evening. Here’s looking forward to next years’ CSA Fair!!!

Farmer Pete

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