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Harvests and Spring Work

The certainty of spring and rising soil temperatures has been resoundingly confirmed. So the work of getting the early direct seed crops in has begun. The winter has had mixed impacts on the farm. The blanketing of snow protected the overwintered crops of spinach and parsnips. It also benefitted the strawberries and garlic. Both of those crops are in beautiful condition. We still have plenty of cold weather forecast for the week ahead so transplants will have to hold a bit longer before they take their places in the field.


The parsnips were dug a while ago. Not many people have had the opportunity to try this awesome root crop. I see them at the store and it occurs to me that as plain as they appear, it’s no wonder that few attempt to work with the vegetable.  It has a unique taste that takes getting used to. A musky, rooty flavor that stands alone. I’ve been eating them since youth, dad always planted them in the garden, and miss them in the years they don’t produce or don’t get planted. Well this year is not a year of longing for parsnips. I put in half a row last spring and did little other than run a hoe through the row occasionally. When they were forked out recently the harvest was sizeable. Roots were about 80% true to type. The off form were dominated by forked or monstrous turnip shaped roots. Many keepers exceeded a foot and a half in length with impressive heft.  Beyond appearance the eating quality was evident right away. We fix them in a carrot parsnip sauté that is finished with a bit of orange juice and like the purees that can be produced. Raw they were pleasant and cooked the preparations were gobbled up. All commented on how nice they came out this year.


If anyone is interested in purchasing some send me a note; agropraxisfarm at gmail dot com.

There are plenty, they sell for $2.00 a pound.

Farmer Pete

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