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A Moment of Mirth

I stepped into the local Ag retail store and saw a face on the cover of the promo magazine on display that I recognized. I was on an errand for dog food, motor oil,...and at first I just smiled but as the contradiction sunk in I laughed. Let me explain!

The cover and story can be viewed:

 The man pictured was a consultant for a farm start-up I was part of. I committed to memory a quote of his, "I don't farm, I hire farmers in my position." He works as a land manager and planner. He happens to be part of the farm profiled in the magazine. Slick branding and self-promotion! I have nothing against the diligent efforts to preserve some of our historic past and it's ties to rural roots. The reason for my mirth is the inclusion of a consultant/planner that works with millions of donation dollars and "hires farmers". The Ag retailer is clearly trying to promote a seemingly wonderful farm rebirth and success story. I'd rather see a real farmer! 

We have such a broad based bounty on the farm right now. At market it was so easy to fly through all of our produce because the quality was visually apparent. Broccoli heads as broad as a dinner plate, savoy cabbages with heft and size, heirloom tomatoes that were hard to not heft and squeeze and turnips that were astounding. The effort to get them in and to market was hard, hot work. The bounty reaches our dinner table. We have really enjoyed the variety of this time of year. Edemame for snacks, pesto as a condiment, lima beans and squash, tomato for any use and cool weather late season crops beginning to return. As my wife and kids exclaim, "We wish we could eat like this all year!" Me too!

 Happy Labor Day!!!

Farmer Pete 

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