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August? Are you sure?

The heat seems to have left us for a spell. After weeks of upper 80's and 90's we now have almost fall like weather. 50's at night and upper 60's and 70's for the day time. Oh,...and plenty of rainfall. The fall crops and new plantings are doing well. The rain was needed and sometimes we forget even the most mundane place like the compost pile need adequate moisture to do their best. The crew at Tiller's mucked a barn last week and dumped next to the compost pile. As I forked and mixed the components of next years compost the rain had the pile steaming and cooking just as you'd hope. Browns layered with greens and some soil...beautiful compost in the making!

 The harvest last week comprised a list of 14 must harvest crops and a few more that should be harvested if time allows.  In the heat we'd run out of time and end up leaving a few things. Not this week! With the cooler temperatures we are able to work faster and more comfortably. No stopping at the wash pail to soak my hat for a bit of cooling relief. Or submerging my arms in the cool water, like a field version of climate control... No, with my able assistant (my darling wife) we harvested all with time to spare. I have to admit that with one of our crops I had a mental burp. I neglected to harvest the edemame. The sample I took home was the best of the last few years. Back on the list for next week!

The tomatoes had been outstanding in the heat and dry weather. With rain came bigger size, the occasional splits, and diluted flavor. Weather had a negative impact on the tomatoes. The plants started to show a few leaf diseases. With the overall vigor of the plants being exceptional I'll tolerate the few minor problems and expect to see the plants grow through the rainy, damp spell and thrive again in short time. 

The sweet red peppers are ready. My gosh are they good. I cut up one of our July meat birds and added rice, onions and peppers to the pot. The sweet pepper added the little extra that is sometimes missing with chicken and rice. Wow! We'll have nice peppers for a few weeks so if you get a chance pick up a few!!

Farmer Pete 

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