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That is what I think about when politics come to mind. The return to money and power politics of the Gilded Era. When a handful of influential puppeteers pull the strings and the sordid masses, glued to their technology, do nothing but complain. 

As a food producer I try and think how the government has helped over the last several years. There was the egg scare a few years ago that allowed us with small flocks to make a bit of money. Of course it was a failure of the regulators that....Then there was pink slime...and the salmonella in cantaloupes,....and the spinach recall.... and you start to see what a failed system looks like. For those of us that care about our food we make informed choices. But so many people leave the responsibility for safe food to the government. They have been let down by a failed system.

As we wind up for the impending election I am disappointed by the lack of attention to many things that matter. Will we find a way to address climate change? Politics has managed to largely ignore it for decades. Will the Sick-care system we have continue to be dictated by for-profit insurance and pharmaceutical corporations? Will the agri-industry continue to be pulled like a bull with a nose ring by a few chemical/seed vendors... I find it hard to be anything but cynical. But, I will vote and continue to expect for better than we have had.

 Now that that is out of my system, what a weird and wonderful few days it has been. Rain, wind, warmth and the animal world is bonkers. A leopard frog visited the garden just recently. Not so weird you think till I tell you that the nearest standing water is over 300 yds. from the field. A road and pasture are barriers of a sort for the frog. I moved a squash plant and out sprang the frog. I think we were both surprised. Then a never before seen cat was curled up on a pile of burlap in the garden shed. It was a bit put out when I shooed it out and fastened the door. It's welcome to mouse and vole though I think the barn is a better place for a farm cat! The migratory birds have been much in evidence. Sandhill cranes feed in the pasture daily. They'll be leaving about the time the ground freezes up.  As long as food is around they like to hang-out but leave when it turns nasty .Magnolia, Palm and Yellowthroated Warblers along with Kinglets were around. Chipmunks have been in a frenzy. Doing whatever last minute detail needs to be finished. I think they are about as ADD as a group of 3rd graders after too much Mt. Dew. Feeling a bit like the chipmunks I have been finishing in the fields. A few more days, then the garllc and it'll be time to hibernate...haha! 

Farmer Pete

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