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Getting Ticked!

I’m ticked! At the invasion of ticks!!! Over the last week the adult wood ticks have been on the prowl. I seem to find them everywhere.  Crawling up my arm, neck or even the towel after a shower. I’ll feel a creepy crawly on my leg and find a tick or just be annoyed that it might be another tick. With the weather and rain the ticks and mosquitos have made a true impression on the farm. I’m so happy when the wind blows and I get a few hours without a creepy crawly. All part of the farm work, but one I’m happy to have only a short time of each year. Maybe a few Guinea’s would be glad to help out..


Learning the basics of produce harvesting and handling took me many years. What to wash and how. When to harvest to provide the best possible products. How to display and keep produce appealing. No tricks involved, just fundamentals. I mention this because at market and when visiting with other farmers I run across such a broad gamut of methods and techniques. Many I can learn from but just as many need to take a lesson or ask a few questions. I see Kale in a basket, stems banded together and standing limp in a hot breeze.  Herbs washed and already blackening from heat in a bag, or bolted produce offered as first quality. A vendor offers a few nice items and a table of other poorly handled items and complains that the market wasn’t good for them. Or, is it likely that the customers knew to avoid poorly handled produce. There are many things to learn and ways to improve what is offered that I don’t know. When I see prime things I ask. Most of the time I just don’t comment. Lost opportunities….

Farmer Pete

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