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Harmony Acres CSA

Farming at Tillers International has worked out wonderfully. As I plan for the 2013 season I’m thrilled to offer  CSA. Below is some information from our CSA brochure and about what we plan for the coming season. If you have interest in becoming a member/shareholder contact me or leave a comment (email me, agropraxisfarm at gmail dot com).


When thinking of a CSA  name I had several things in mind. First I wanted to keep the farm and the CSA distinct. Many farms brand themselves and want to keep their marketing uniform. This CSA will be more than the typical marketing of produce that CSA seems to have become. Secondly, our relationship with Tillers International is important. Their mission to teach and support sustainable communities that teach low capital technologies is in harmony with our efforts. And lastly, our unbending recognition of nature as mentor. Being in tune with the forces and principles that guide all life is fundamental.  So names were proposed and altered or dropped. Finally, in a discussion at Market a good customer used the word “Harmony”. I don’t remember the context but the word suddenly took meaning. I really like all of the positive images that the name conjures and we adopted the name, Harmony Acres CSA. 


From the CSA brochure:  “Harmony Acres CSA(HACSA) was started by the Agropraxis Farm and its organic farmer Pete Robertson. The concept of CSA is to create a Community that supports the farm and benefits from a close relationship. Many CSA’s have been started by farmers as part of a marketing plan, or by organizations that seek to benefit financially from starting CSA. HACSA will be established as a “True CSA” that involves its members in decision making, work and benefits of the farm. A Core Group of members will direct HACSA and provide the foundation for development and direction of the CSA. 


Agropraxis Farm is a continuing organic farm operation that located to Tillers International  in 2012. Pete Robertson began growing for market in 2006 using over 25 years of organic gardening knowledge. With CSA experience that includes producing for a 100 member SW Michigan  CSA this farm is being developed to support a growing community of consumers that value a direct relationship with a farm. “


And also:
 “Reasons to Join:
-Receive more fresh produce for your dollar
-No middleman/brokers
-Dollars go directly to the farmers
-The freshest possible food weekly
-Fewer trips to the store
-Wider selection of local produce
-No residual chemicals on food
-Organic food with high nutrient density
-Connection to the growing local foods movement
-Share info, recipes, tips
-Weekly newsletter (With share)
-Access to your local farm!
-Low carbon input farming!
-Special events, dinners, day on the farm
-Volunteer opportunities
-Support for those maintaining our farm traditions
-Keeping your dollars local!
-Education of future food producers
-Farm to table in under 6 hours!

-Varieties that show the broad scope of foods available outside of regular food channels


Farmer Pete

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