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K'Zoo College Alum Speaks from World Economic Forum

Another Mike is what I was thinking. This smooth and charming CEO has a bio that is a testament to the  career track held as the path to success. Interesting that his undergrad came from esteemed local institution, Kalamazoo College! Back to the “Mike” club…at one time I was seemingly befriended by a multitude of Mike’s and a few Bob’s. My wife was always asking, “Which Mike are you talking about?” Almost as many “Mike’s” as there are Vern Yoder’s or Harley Miller’s in the Amish directory….  Could it be something about the name “Mike” and charisma or charm that appeals to us?


Watch the following from the World Economic Forum to get a feeling of what I’m on to:


What a nice guy! We learn he has a wife and a couple of teenage daughters. Was fortunate to spend time over the Christmas Holiday bicycling in Cambodia observing local culture and agrarian practices. Enjoys time in “nature” as a way to recharge in his adopted home of Basel, Switzerland.  He is excited about his corporations initiatives like, Syngenta Good Growth;

Way to go Mike! What a company man!


I feel a bit like a sock that is still wet and thoroughly dizzy following the spin cycle….  I replayed the mystifying comments to several of the questions. My favorite, “Most of the worlds’ poor are farmers, ironically.” Really Mike?  Could it be the poor are trying to achieve a level of subsistence with small hold farming.  If they had gotten big, or out as suggested in the 60’s during our Green Revolution, they’d be doing fine, right Mike!  They’d be able to afford the advanced production seeds and chemicals provided by your company, benefitting the shareholders! Also good to hear that you’re on the bandwagon of “Feeding the World”. Repeating the irritating talking points of corporate ag only supports the base of similarly misinformed sycophants. Helping the world feed its self, building a resilient agro-ecological base capable of mitigating climate issues, and reducing “Aid” disruptions that have destroyed countless local production systems is a commendable endeavor. Your efforts to enrich shareholders and deceive the gullible public with talking points makes this Mike not one I want in my circle. Listen and read for yourself… not our friends no matter how smooth and nice they come across!


One last point... Ol’ Mike is now a hero to all the country café farmers in this part of the corn belt. The farmers gather in the cafes and share their bond of toil and burden daily. Work, family and risk avoidance along with disdain for change in life molds a deeply narrow view and conservative framework. Ol’ Mike was speaking to them not you or me. Those born and bred to industrial farming are championing Ol’ Mike and his ability to stick it to the critics of “The Farmers who feed the world”. Mike leapt into the ring with the liberal press and told them how it is. Told them GMO’s are an important tool in our toolbox to feeding the world! How they are safe and have caused not so much as a tummy ache yet. And how very little about farming is natural… seems to me that corporate profits are like the nose on Geppetto’s  puppet, both grow when lies are told.

Farmer Pete    

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