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Market Chatter

I use a warm and welcoming pitch when new shoppers stop at my booth. "Everything on the table was raised and harvested by us. Our farm is at Tiller's International, and we use organic methods. Nothing on your produce than what is naturally occurring". Some people shrug and say, "Oh" then move on. Others give us a good look and take home some for their table. My conversation starter sometimes brings out interesting comments. Like the woman that shared that her grandma raised tons of produce with what we now call organic methods long ago. Yes, nothing new with organic. For centuries man raised food without chemicals. Just in the last 100 years some farmers changed paths to disrupt nature rather than work with nature. 

The Stanford study was mentioned by a fellow this week. You probably heard. The study was a study of other studies (seriously!) that analyzed nutrition. Nutritionally a bunch of broccoli was similar whether organic or conventional. Outstanding study! Mind blowing conclusion! The Major papers covered it. The organic pundits had fun responding. All because when something like broccoli is grown it is still broccoli regardless of the growing method. No magical transformation with organic to a super-power-food. No degradation when raised conventional to toxic slime. Of course broccoli is going to be similar. Consumers need to know this! Thank goodness the researchers made this clear.

What they fail to tell you is what I say with my market chatter. "Nothing on the produce than what is naturally occurring."  Residues of synthetic compounds used to control nature can be on conventional produce. The subtle difference in building healthy soil for healthy plants is a key for organic farmers. We work with nature. The impacts are many fold. The study did a disservice to consumers in not looking further than simply nutrition with organic foods. 

I suggested the gentleman question the study. We'd all be a bit better off if we viewed our news critically rather than accepting it. Broccoli is still broccoli...

Farmer Pete 


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