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Observing Differences

This growing season, with a long dry spell and high temperatures, favored some vegetable crops and stressed others. The dry spell clearly favored tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and their close relatives. During a break for a field visit by relatives recently,  I sliced a Charentais Melon. "Wow!", they said. It was as if something special had happened to the melon. The flavor and fragrance had been magnified to perfection. 

All of us that enjoyed the slice of melon knew it was different. If pressured to say how it was different befuddlement would likely set in."It's just better", would be a likely response. Science often tries to step in and quantify the differences. But the subtleties that science tries to observe are ones that we, with our senses and complex mental faculties, have already made note of. When it comes to noting differences, we all seem acutely capable and I think science less. Somewhere in our genetics and abilities we observe the differences automatically.  

 A couple stopped at the farm stand and shared that they had been watching the farm progress. They were so thrilled that they would be able to enjoy from our efforts and labor. Other farm stands dot our countryside and offer the same as we do. So why us? Because they could observe that we were different and that was enough for them to stop!!!

Farmer Pete 

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