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  (Scotts, Michigan)
A Ultra-Low Carbon input farm using Eco-Bio methods.
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It is the time of year to reflect and resolve. Reflecting I do as a matter of habit. Resolutions are rarely made since they are rarely successful. Regardless, this year I have in mind a principle of continuous farm improvement. I think making the effort to consciously work to offer better product for shareholders and customers and improve the farms soil, resources and resiliency will benefit us in the future. Good work for the new year…


Decades ago I learned the basic mechanics of prepping, planting, fostering and harvesting the produce of garden plants. With time a broader knowledge supported the development of CSA and Market farming.  I am astounded by the amount learned, but also humbled by all I still don’t know. The continued practice and learning about growing food plants is what I resolve to spend energy on this year. The more I learn the more I realize how much I don’t know.  


Happy New Year!

Farmer Pete

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