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Summer Season

Weather and subtle seasonal changes can be noted on the farm. We had a big overnight storm during last week. It blew hard, rained down hard and left us with dramatically milder weather. The storm left us with power out for 36 hours, enough downed trees and limbs to supply wood burners for at least a season and a bit of damage to some plants. The power meant a generator was needed to water the cattle herd and supply wash water for the vegetables. From warm and humid to cool, dry and sunny was a welcome change. Suddenly the sweat was no longer dripping down my nose or soaking my clothes within 5 minutes.

A nest of barn swallows are nearly ready to fledge. As I enter the barn the parent on duty would swoop at me and sound alarm. Over time the swallows learned my untheartening habits and merely observed from a safe perch. As I exited the barn they would follow and circle a few times before sounding a call I think was an “all clear” and returned to bird calm. I can tell the 3-maybe 4 chicks are almost ready to fledge. Their droppings are growing to a significant pile (I learned last year to be careful not to leave equipment under the nest) and they crowd the nest. Flying lessons soon!

Monster the 18 month old farm cat has become a proficient huntress. Catching mice, voles, and gophers at will. She finds pickings so easy that she offers extras to those of us working on the farm. In return she'll share a cheese snack when offered but swears of all vegetables. Must be a true predator-carnivore!

I started reading a story by a favortie storyteller, Ivan Doig. I liked the description of one of the main characters and identified with the message. Doig wrote that the character had gotten to their place in life by not taking the easy way but by, “..taking the uphill route.” A smile to myself with recognition that life's path is not always one we can plan.

Farmer Pete

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