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Tasty Tidbits....

 I found time the other day to watch Jeffery Smith's newly released documentary, "Genetic Roulette". As a piece of well crafted rhetoric it succeeds. Critics will slam the film as one sided. I support the work and echo the message that precautionary principles should have been followed. Organic farmers cheer when such messages support our efforts. It could be that with consumer knowledge and support we can begin to reverse the dangerous direction we are heading. I encourage all to make time to view this film. Have your Library purchase it...

Harvest Fest was a great day! We talked to a steady stream of interested/interesting people. Met some fans and had a few laughs. As always news travels when big groups get together. Congrats to new mom Carrie! As major events affected us last year, some predictions were made. The predictions have been eerily accurate. Still waiting for the last one to unfold...

Our drought was not as bad as others suffered. With timely rains, late summer production has been on the bumper scale. A few crops failed (celery, fennel) but with so many other crops doing well we miss them only a little. Pleasant surprises await every day in the field. I was harvesting peppers for market the other day. I just can't believe the quality and volume I took in. Customers took bagfuls home and I still have enough to enjoy. I looked at the long season cabbages too. They struggled with the dry, hot weather. The amount of leaf growth shocked me when the rains came. Now they are turning out to be whoppers. Spaced at 2', they crowd each other and spill into the neighboring beds. Amazing!

As the season end comes to view, the insights and experience from this year is added to the prior decades and planning commences for the next.

Farmer Pete

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