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What I learned at Market

Farmers Markets are such an interesting microcosm of our society. They bring together such a wide variety of people all to support the broad community each Market services. Farmers, bakers, entreprenuers, organizers and the broad spectrum of consumers that make the market. It seems interesting what I learned from a few of my fellow vendors last week.

As the market slowed and we had a chance to breathe, we struck up conversations amongst groups of vendors to pass the time until time to pack up or a last rush of shoppers demanded our attnetion. We were a group of farmers, farm wokers, soap maker and baker. What I learned is that this is a default money maker for each and everyone of us. We all had other things we are trained for and prepared to do but choose to be at market. One of us was a former investment banker, one an accountant, another a mathmatician and other assorted professions. I've met teachers, musicians, artists to show the variety of people drawn to markets. Our reasons are all the same. The market provides a wonderful opportuity for all of us to benefit from the time and energy we put into our products and offerings. It has a better schedule than the office. It is direct to consumer interaction and many of us thrive with that type of contact. The baker was happy to be a dad when not at market. The office demanded too much. I enjoy providing great food for famlies to nourish themselves. The farm worker was glad to work outside and have something different to do each day.

I tend to think the markets have grown and expanded because they meet the needs that our society has ceased to offer. Opportunities is the big one, but people interaction and support is another big part of it.

Farmer Pete

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