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Oh, the hours I spend pouring over seed catalogs. First, I go through each of them with a highlighter and sticky tabs, marking everything I think we need or want. There is a difference between need and want, you know! Some companies write such tempting descriptions. I particularly enjoy the ones that include how to cook with them in addition to descriptions of the plants growing habits. Photos make choosing a variety easier and I wish all companies offered a photo of everything they offer. Actually, ordering online seems to offer the best and most photos. Then I start making lists and comparing to last years order forms. That's the easy part...figuring out how much to order and where it can be planted is much more difficult.

I love when the orders start coming in. It's a subtle signal that planting season is coming soon, and that warm and sunny weather is just around the corner. Now, come May when I'm sun burned, hot and sweaty, and beat right down to my socks from working in the market gardens, my attitude will be different, but in March it seems really appealing.

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