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Spring 2011

Well, no one can say that the spring of 2011 wasn’t interesting. Cold, yes. Wet, yes. Without sunshine, yes. As I am writing this, the sun is shining and the temperature today is expected in the “really hot” range, and with a good southerly breeze blowing, but still, the gardens are too wet to work. Kevin and his friends got them plowed on May 1st, and we haven’t been able to work in them since. If you will recall, it had been rainy the week before that and it just happened that he was able to get in them then, with rain that afternoon. Add insult to injury, another round of thunderstorms is predicted for this afternoon. The bad news is that we’ve planted nothing in the gardens to date. It hasn’t stopped raining long enough to dry out so that we can plant. There are lots of plants waiting for their “forever” homes in the gardens, and wanting to be moved out of the high tunnels, but if we get another round of rain today, they won’t get moved anytime soon. Our soils compact to a cement like substance if they get worked while wet, so we’re careful not to even walk on them while wet, let alone run a tractor and equipment over them. The good news is that Larry and Hank did find a narrow window to plant a couple of batches of sweet corn early on, and the field corn got planted, actually about the time soybeans are usually finished being planted. Not many soybeans are planted yet. Typically, both are totally planted by mid-May. Field crops are a lot less cold sensitive than vegetable crops.


Cold? Yes. Wet? Yes. Without sunshine? Yes. Just another day on the farm? Yes. Are we up to the challenge? Yes. We just keep telling ourselves that.



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