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Thoughts for Friday, June 20, 2014

Well, Dad and Anna survived the first day at the Margate market! It was humid and overcast and they managed to get it in between the rain drops. Dad was happy with the results of everything from the new pop up tent to the sales that they managed to generate. Dad said the only thing that did not move out completely were the snow peas but then again they brought a lot of snow peas.

Anna said the customer base was mostly the local residents. I suspect that the Thursday before July 4 will be a real barn burner as it will include all of the vacationers. Next week I will be available for service down there so I am looking forward to seeing all of our customers and the Margate Market volunteers.

Those volunteers are the best ever. It is the only market that we have attended where they have a staff of volunteers. These people are not shy about getting into the work and really helping the vendors. Bill and Terry are two of our favorites as are Jan and Shane.

The cooler air moved in over night and made picking this morning a lot more bearable. There are some snow peas left to take off before we say good bye to that crop until the Fall. The string beans are on the verge of picking. I would say by next week.

Blueberries are nice sized for the first crop but the taste reminds one of their wild cousins. Anyway, I for one am glad that they are here because I have had a craving for fresh blueberry pancakes with a side of Benton's bacon for quite some time. I will satisfy that craving on Sunday morning. Can't wait! 

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