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Thoughts for Friday, June 27, 2014

To me a farm is more than a place to grow food. It is a holistic experience. I love to look at the sky, smell the fresh air and thank God for being all alone in his image. Today I had one of those experiences that make you stop and think what a wonderful world it is outside of the human confines.

As I said the other day in a blog, the ground hogs have been very active and so I've had to put a few out of their misery. Normally I pick a spot away from the action and leave the carcasses for the vultures to eat. After all, they have to eat too. I think it is just amazing that they can track down their meal from basically out of nowhere.

I noticed last night that the carcass of an earlier ground hog had been picked clean including the skin. Normally, the vultures are not that proficient. But I didn't give it a second thought until today when I saw a red fox come over and start to work over the latest morsel I had left out there. I had been pulling weeds in the string bean patch when I looked up and saw him. He snuck up on the carcass and then pounced on it like a cat. He knew I was there; every once in a while he would poke his head up and look at me as if to say, "It's all right that I'm doing this, isn't it?" I just laughed and watched him a few more minutes. I took out my phone and tried to video tape it but I was too far away. There was no way I could get closer.

The red fox was just the latest episode. Sometimes the blue birds that live on the farm will stop me in my tracks to watch. Or it could be monarch butterflies on the red clover. One year, one attacked the tractor as I was mowing the field, upset that I was cutting its flowers!

There is a hen turkey in the back field that must have a clutch nearby. Every day this week she has been out there diligently walking the field in the morning and evening, scooping up insects to take a break from sitting on the eggs. The deer also come out but now that we had to mow the grass around the fields, I hope they don't decide to start in on my vegetables as a source of good juicy fiber. 

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