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Thoughts for Friday, May 23, 2014

It was a great relief that the terrible storms that went through our area yesterday literally went right around us. Rain is bad. Hail is the worst. There is no more helpless feeling than watching it rain from the sky and you have no way of stopping it. Frost you can do something about. Same with disease and pests. But how do you stop one inch hail stones falling from the sky?

I am especially concerned about the gentleman who grows our fruit. The pattern of hail went right through his area. I'm afraid to call for fear of what he might have to say about his fruit or to remind him of the damage he suffered. Then again, maybe he didn't suffer any damage. I'll wait and let time dictate the circumstance.

Memorial Day and the big seller will be strawberries. We have some beautiful strawberries this year despite the wacky spring weather. Some of our customers have already remarked that they are the finest tasting strawberries they have ever had. It is a first-year crop and the berries are big and plentiful.

In addition, the asparagus continues to soldier on and be a solid seller for us. The greens are consistent and this week for the first time we will have scallions which are usually a good seller. You would think the market would be slow on a Memorial Day weekend but our records indicate that we have had brisk sales in the past. That's good because the bills are coming due for the first part of the season. 

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