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Thoughts for Friday, May 9, 2014

I spent a considerable amount of time last night doing insect and deer spraying. Are they one in the same?

With the anticipated hot weather working its way up from the South, so will the whiteflies and flea beetles. Be proactive, that's my motto. I use Lambda T for job and it has been a good spray these last few years. While I would like to use more organic controls, netting is too hot and natural controls are very ineffective. Like a good scientist, I will continue to study the problem and come up with ideas to do it another way. Grandpop was like that. He was a problem-solver, not a problem creator. However, to learn from a problem, sometimes you are the cause of the problem.

Deer control is under control. I use a spray of commercially-manufactured egg whites to control the whitetails. It works as long as it doesn't rain. It's expensive but it beats staying up all night to shoot the critters and upset the neighbors.  

Now for those woodchucks. . . 

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