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Thoughts for Monday, June 23, 2014

As much as I think I'm behind in some of my tasks on the farm, when I look around and think about it, I'm not bad off at all. There is always something to do and yes, some things do get a little farther beyond then you would like them to be. But considering that I finish school this week, I'm in pretty good shape that a day or two of hard work would catch me up. That makes it easier for me to sleep at night.

The market on Saturday was busy. We had the most sales so far this season. It was a nice day and people didn't go to the Shore. We carried blueberries for the first time and sold them out quickly. We'll carry them one more week then turn over that product to everyone else to battle over. By that time, the tomatoes will be ready.

We'e starting to come into the beginning of the full blast of summer vegetables. As I said, the tomatoes will be ready in another week. The string beans are almost there. Probably start picking those this week. But I received a call from my cherry grower who informed me that they have started to pick cherries so I will be taking those to Margate this Thursday. Not many people in New Jersey grow cherries but this guy does and when everything breaks right for him he has a good crop.

In the meantime, I am preparing for the humid weather to return to tomorrow. All of the vegetables that are susceptible to fungus have been treated. We pulled the broccoli and cabbage plants this weekend and mowed the snow peas under in preparation for the fall crops that will start to be planted. Those snow peas don't owe us anything. We had a beautiful crop. Soon we will be planting them for the fall. The basil has been wonderful too. It's been many years since we had that kind of basil on the farm. But sales have been slow because a lot of people grow basil in their gardens.

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