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Thoughts for Monday, May 12, 2014

We took off for Mother's Day because that's what you do.

 But Saturday, I worked my butt off. Planting mostly. Put in the next round of beets, carrots, string beans. Planted for the first time the watermelons. Hoed the potatoes. Boy, those nut grass plants are prolific!

I transplanted the lettuce for the first time using the Jevons method. I was surprised how well they took being transplanted. I'll have to take special care of them today and tomorrow as the heat here in South Jersey will be wicked.

Talked to one of farmer friends who said that his leek was shot from the early weather, the spinach was in between pickings and the Boston lettuce was give and take for the weekend.

We open up on Saturday at the Burlington County Agricultural Market in Moorestown. Our CSA is 15 members strong and we look forward to serving them this year.

Can't take this heat this early. Luckily I have sprayed for the flea beetles and the whiteflies. They love this weather! 

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