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Thoughts for Tuesday, June 24, 2014

If we were back in the hay business, I would be ecstatic about this weather - hot, dry and windy. But it is not good for growing vegetables. Luckily we can just turn the handle and the drip irrigation goes to work!

Yesterday we spent time cutting all of the grass that has managed to grow up. Dad tried to roto till but the ground was so dry it made nothing but dust. Rain is expected tomorrow afternoon. I've got more string beans to plant, some pumpkins and fall squash will be going in also. Otherwise everything is looking good at this point.

A large groundhog no longer resides on the farm. It had been causing some problems with a number of holes. I'm sorry to have to do that as I like a live and let live philosophy with the animals on the farm. But when it comes to damage, something has to be done. The deer have been at bay so far this summer which can be attributed to us clearing up the brush around the farm and leaving plenty of grass for them to eat out in the back fields. It's been a long time since my beans have not been accosted by the deer.

I think Dad is at the end of his rope. At 77, he gets tired easily but my mother in law's health hasn't been good and Dad's been running all over doing the things I can't do while I'm at school during the day. That'll end tomorrow as I go on summer vacation. I don't know what I'll do when he goes. I'll have to overcome and adapt.  

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