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Thoughts for Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I finished fertilizing the gardens last night with the Norwegian seaweed extract. I need to get the commercial size package if they have one. I doubt it.

I noticed that the zucchino rapidio, Italian squash, has popped out of the ground and is throwing its first true leaves. I'm already better than last year; the germination was terrible because I put them in late when it too hot to germinate correctly.

This heirloom Italian squash is not a big seller. It resembles a snake when it is done with its fruit and so it gets a lots ahhs at the market. But it is really tasty with a creamy inside that can be made into fillers for pies. At least that's what my father says.

You see, we grow these odd heirloom squash because Dad has taken a liken to them. He is the one who picked them out, who researched their background and who talks to the customers when they ask, "What is that?" He loves doing that stuff. Just like the garlic. My daughter and I can quote him verbatim when it comes to his schpeel about garlic and the Italian squash.

I guess that's one thing about farmer's markets that you don't get in your local grocery chain store. Someone who is willing to take the time to talk to you about the product and what you can do for it. All I know is that it has sold a lot of vegetables over years because people like to listen. 

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