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Thoughts for Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It was a busy Memorial Day weekend but the weather was good and so was the company.

We had a banner day at market on Saturday. We were one of two vendors that had strawberries so we loaded up the pickup with as many flats of the sweet fruit as we could and did very well at a premium price. You don't mind paying a premium price when the product is excellent. The berries were excellent, trust me.

Planted some lettuce, hoping to catch everyone else going out with their lettuce as ours is coming in. Noticed that the Colorado potato beetles are in full swing. I'll talk about that tomorrow in this blog space as the little striped beetles and I have a long history together.

We sold out early in the market and were able to get home before 1 p.m. In addition to the berries and asparagus, I was able to cobble together some broccoli florets and package them in sealed bags. I blew it on the raising of the spring broccoli as the weather has been conducive to raising it but I didn't feed the heavy feeders enough to get maximum output.

Also planted the third planting of string beans. I put in some French muskmelons. Two years I had a nice crop but last year the deer and disease gave me a zero yield. Hopefully, those and the lemon cucumbers will produce enough to give us a good variety at market. 

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