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Thoughts for Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A formidable foe, the yellow nutsedge. Instead of cursing it, I admire it as I take my wire weeder and gently pluck out each weed or clump. The nutsedge has amazing survival skills and is proficient in the lacking sandy loam that is my potato patch. I have much time to think as I pluck the nutsedge and therefore my mental health is improved. Thanks, yellow nutsedge, for being a teacher and a mentor.

No mushroom for our customers this year. My cousin from Kennett Square will not be able to deliver them like he has for the past three years. Too bad. That was one product that we had that no one else carries, a rare feat in today's burgeoning farmer's market scene.

I have been working against a busy life schedule. This is the time of the year when I would like to be in the fields more and in my classroom less. But teaching pays the bills and there are less than 30 days left. Still, mother nature takes advantage of my absence and wreaks havoc in my market garden when I am not tending to it. Such is the life of a gentleman farmer. 

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